Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Mom Ever!

Most of you probably think that you have the best mom, but you're just plain wrong. I have the best mom ever. She's very cool in many ways, but today she's cool in one of my favorite ways. She can sew and quilt like nobodies business and she recently finished a quilt for me and the DH.

I have some friends out there who know how hard it is to piece a quilt with curves in it. For the rest of you, it's SUPER difficult! See all those small pieces that make up the variation in the blue of the rings in the picture? Each one has to be sewn together, and then the ring gets sewn to the white piece that doesn't have any straight lines, and then it's supposed to lie flat. In my mom's world, she sews it and it lies flat. My world doesn't work quite that way, so I can appreciate the talent that it take for her to make that happen.

But beyond the fact that it's a difficult patter to piece, she also hand quilted the entire queen size quilt. And after that, she bound it by hand.

But most of all, she made it just for me with lots of love and that's just about all a daughter could wish for. She'll say that it's taken way too long and that there's some flaw in it, but that's just because it's her way. She's humble like that. It's part of her charm.

So, be jealous. Be very jealous! I have the best mom ever and the quilt to prove it.


annzy said...

you are such a liar ~i have the best mom ever!

Layla said...

It's beautiful! My granny made my mom a similar quilt when she got married. I wish I had skills like that! Someday :)

jason said...

I think that I can say that I have the bestest mom ever without taking anything away from your mom.

Sam said...


Duchess said...

I am jealous of your quilt, but I think I'll keep my mom. I like her quite a lot! ;)

Holly said...

That is an amazing quilt! I can't wait to see it in person.