Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Monday -- Pink

Pink is my musician of choice today because she was my best training partner. I love running to her music. She was with my when I ran my first full 5K and hundreds of training sessions over the past year. She really knows how to rock it. The album that I listen to is Funhouse and it's got a pop meats punk kind of feel to it. It's not really that edgy, but the girl's got style and strength and I like both.

Now, I'll admit that when I bought the album, I didn't realize that it had explicit lyrics in it. On iTunes and Amazon, you can buy and listen to the clean versions of the songs. All of them are pretty easy to clean up because there's not that much that's questionable there (an occasional swear word vs. really awful subject matter).

I think my favorite song is Please Don't Leave Me. It's got a great beat. You can really dance to it.

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Dan said...

Pink and I work out almost every day at LA Fitness. She's one of the many work-out wives...