Saturday, August 14, 2010

Danskin Triathlon -- Part 1

A year ago in April, I started a journey to lose some significant weight. I knew that I would need something more than just the scale to keep me motivated, so I thought about what I could take on as a really big goal.

Later last Summer, I had lunch with a couple of friends from my Microsoft days and started to think seriously about doing a triathlon. My friend Jan is a super athletic, but also super positive and supportive. She thought it would be a great idea. My other friend, Rob, had just started his own business as a personal trainer and was certain I could meet my goal.

In the Fall, my friend Kathleen brought it up as something she'd like to accomplish in her 50th year. She, like me, wanted to do something big. I loved that she wanted to do it, because I knew she'd be a great partner on this journey. Our physician also supported the idea and volunteered to help out. With that, the decision was made. I would do the Danskin triathlon in August this year.

I started working out with Rob in October. At that point in time, I couldn't run a mile without stopping. For the record, I had NEVER been able to run a mile without stopping, even when I was in Junior High School and had to run the mile for P.E. class. It was something that I really wanted to be able to do. We got serious about running after Christmas. By January, I had conquered the mile. Patrick and I also signed up for a 5K in February as my second goal. I wanted to be able to run the full 5K by then.

On February 14th, we ran the Valentine's Day Dash at Greenlake and I ran the full way. It was exhilarating! I was so excited that I had done it that I actually cried. Great tears of joy! Rob and his partner Ron were there to cheer me on and Patrick stayed by my way the entire time to keep me going. I was so grateful for the support and happy that I could make it. I knew my goals were attainable at that point.

In April, Kathleen and I met at the pool at the gym for our first swim. I've never been a strong swimmer, but I took some lessons five years ago when I thought about doing the triathlon before. I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't pretty. I couldn't even swim a whole lap before getting too tired to go on. Rob suggested that I swim every day, and that gave me the confidence and stamina in the pool. Then Dr. Bowers and Kathleen met me and Patrick at the lake to do several open-water swims. All of that made me know that I can get through it. My swim time is slow, but it's good enough to get me through the race.

Patrick and I have also been on several bike rides to get ready for the race. It's been quite a lot of work, but also a lot of fun along the way. I've enjoyed more 5K runs, a lot of walking, and a lot of swimming -- including a swim in the 50-meter pool at the YMCA in Boise. I've done all I could do to prepare and lost 55 lbs along the way. I'm really excited to actually do the race now!

Here's some of the photographic evidence of how the goal has helped me change...


An Ordinary Mom said...

You, my friend, are looking FABULOUS! I hope the triathlon goes well today. I can't wait to hear about it ... I am sure you will rock it!

Dan said...

Amazing progress. It's nice isn't it. I'm loving the health and wellness changes myself...

Layla said...

You look so different! I am so proud of your accomplishments :)