Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love Me -- a Meme

An Ordinary Mom joined the "I Love Me" meme and challenged everyone she knows to join in. It seems like a good idea. We don't often think about what we really like about ourselves. Here are my seven...
  1. I love to sing and I really like my voice. It brings me a lot of joy to sing and to share my talent with other people.
  2. I'm good at problem solving and coming up with new solutions. My dad's theory is that it's part laziness, but it's also part good, old-fashioned, smarts.
  3. I'm strong. I might not look really fit, but I work hard at being strong and I love how it feels. It helps me feel good about myself.
  4. I'm forgiving. We had a lesson on forgiveness in church and I realized that I really don't hold onto things that people do that are hurtful to me. I remember some things, like the woman pointing out how sad it was that I was single at 37 when I ran into her in the temple, but that's because it makes a funny story, not because I hold bad feelings about it. Really, it's a funny story. I'll tell you the whole thing some time.
  5. I'm funny. And it's not just my looks (bu-dump-bump). I love to make people laugh and I do it a lot. Mostly, it's even on purpose (but not always).
  6. I'm a leader. I don't really even try to be, but it just happens. I usually like this about myself, though sometimes it creates more work. (See #2 for why that might be a bad thing.)
  7. I love to learn and to read about random things. It makes NPR a treat, except when they talk about the war for hours on end. I read pretty fast, and I remember a lot of what I read and hear, so I have a lot of random facts in my head. It's just too bad I can never retreive the right ones when I'm playing Trivial Pursuit.

It's a bit sad that it was harder than I expected to come up with seven things I love about myself. I think we should all think about these things more often. It's good for the sould. If you haven't already joined in this meme, get on the bandwagon now. It'll be fun. Trust me!

P.S. I still don't have internet access at home. It's making me crazy, but I hate the thought of calling the help desk, so I painted the bathroom instead. Crazy avoidance tactics, but they work for me (sort of).

P.P.S. It's Flag Day today and it's my cute brother Gage's birthday. Shout out to our country and our flag today. And, shout out to Gage for a very happy birthday!


Lori said...

I loved your list. Very thoughtful and real items. That's funny about the forgiving thing. I thought the same thing about myself when we had that lesson at church. Although my sister Jill would disagree with me, I think it's true.
I REALLY want to hear the story about the woman in the temple. It sounds hilarious.

An Ordinary Mom said...

All the things you listed are things I adore in you as well :)!! I love to hear you sing, you are hilarious and you are a remarkable leader and problem solver.

Happy Birthday Gage!