Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day

Happy Summer! Today is June 21st, Summer equinox, and longest day of the year. Hearing about it on the radio this morning on my commute made me think of all the wonderful things Summer has to offer. Here's my list of my favorite thoughts on Summer:
  1. Wear flip-flops without ever getting cold toes, except for during that quick afternoon thunderstorm with ten minutes of torrential rain
  2. Sleep with the windows open and a fan in the room
  3. Eat watermelon on the back deck and spit the seeds over the railing into the grass
  4. My birthday!
  5. Big fireworks displays at the Boise River Festival, the Freedom Festival, just over the hill in Sun Valley, or at the Mall in Washington D.C.
  6. Sit on the tailgait of the pickup to eat lunch and get some sun every day all summer long even though everything else about the sad hourly job isn't very fun
  7. Go to Sun Valley with family and friends and get the station wagon stuck in a river where no station wagon should have been driving
  8. Even though I'm shivering because I'm wet and cold, try not to burn my feet on the blacktop walking from swimming lessons to the car
  9. Root beer floats after fireworks on the fourth of July
  10. Riding bikes to the Fairmont pool to enjoy cool swimming
  11. Eat TCBY while watching David Letterman after getting home from waitressing
  12. Drive to Sun Mountain Lodge and smell the forest fire (and enjoy our wedding anniversary)
  13. Read on the couch while wrapped in a blanket to keep warm from the blasting air conditioning
  14. Watch the stars from the campin site (yes, I did say camping site) with no city lights to dull the milky way
  15. See flowers that I planted turn into lovely yard art
  16. Concerts at the park, zoo, pier, winery, etc.
  17. Picnics at the park
  18. Eat in the backyard (and the neighbors keeping their pool clean so we don't have too many mosquitos)
  19. Sit on the beach and read a novel while kids play in the sand and surf or fly kites
  20. shop at the farmer's market for fresh, local produce
  21. The Boys of Summer, especially watching Weaver pitch a shutout at Safeco field last night

This summer, I'm looking forward to seeing my family for some R&R, going to a few outdoor concerts, enjoying a few Mariner's games, and celebrating another anniversary with the DH. This year, we're going to hear music at a barn on the peninsula and then heading to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.

Mmmm... Summer.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

When is the River Festival? I'm going to be in Boise during that last full week in July. If you are there at the same time maybe we could hook up. Enjoy your awesome summer plans!

Lucy van Pelt said...

Unfortunately, the River Festival is now defunct. It was great fun while it lasted, but a little embezzlement here and a little mis-management ther really take their toll.

Anonymous said...
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