Thursday, June 07, 2007

Swimming for Fun and Profit

I swam this morning with Erick the swim instructor. I've been exhausted all day. I'm pretty sure you've all heard that swimming is supposed to be really great excercise - perhaps the best overall for your body. Well, if my exhaustion is any indication, then it must be true.

I decided that I need to be able to swim in addition to my other workouts. (It's not so I can participate in the Danskin triathlon though. It's just for variety and better overall fitness. If I happen to do Danskin, it's just a coincidence. Really.)

I've had three lessons now and I've been able to do three crawl strokes in a row with correct breathing. Are you amazed at my progress? Well, it's a lot of progress for me, anyway. My instructor is really nice, so he never laughs out loud, but I'm sure he's laughing on the inside.


An Ordinary Mom said...

I used to swim laps once a week and I loved it. Now, I just need to find a pool to use again :) !!

Becky said...

Last year I was swiming twice a week and it is sooooo hard. It was hard to share the pool with other lap swimmers who seemed like they could swim for 30 min without a break. I was so excited when I could swim two lenths of the pool without a break.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I agree, swimming is tough when you have to "do it right". I prefer to just splash around pretending to be a mermaid. It sounds like a fun way to exercise, though.

LizzyP said...

Good for you, Lucy! I love swimming, though I'm more like "ice cream" in my approach to it. I like feeling weightless--who doesn't, I guess. Anyway, keep it up! When's the triathalon?