Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Julie & Julia -- the Movie Review

While Annzy was visiting, we went to the movie Julie & Julia. The movie goes between the lives of Julie Powell in 2002 and Julia Child in the 50's. I loved Meryl Streep as Julia Child. She did a great job of capturing the voice and mannerisms without being too over the top about it. I also loved the story of Julia Child. I completely understand why she was such an inspiration to Julie Powell. I loved that she found her passion in her late 30's and that she really lived life to the fullest. Julie Powell's story is interesting, but a little more self-absorbed. It's lovely to watch how she learns from Julia Child, but her story paled in comparison to Julia's.

Nora Ephron always does a nice job of creating the time and place and she does that well both in the Brooklyn setting for Julie's story and the wonderful city of Paris, and then Connecticut, for Julia's story. I left the theater wanting to know more about both Julie and Julia and what they have accomplished. I wasn't quite ready to run out and buy Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but I was inspired by Julia's love for cooking and teaching others to have that same love.

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Holly said...

Did I mention I loved this movie? It is so hard these days to find a movie that has a nice story, isn't overly into sex, violence, politics, crudeness...the list goes on. I agree with all your points, especially that of Meryl Streep doing such an amazing job. She really could have overdone the part of Julia Child, but she didn't, and it was great! I love it when I see a movie about a person and the actor does such a great job I almost think that they are the real person and have to do a double take when I see the person they are representing (like Helen Mirren in The Queen).