Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spaaaam, Beautiful Spam

I get the biggest kick out of some of the subject lines I see when I go to delete the rubbish in my Spam folder. Once again, I have to share! I promise you, I did not make any of these up. I did, however, change the order (and delete the ones that weren't funny) and it sort of tells a Spam story.
  • Man, don't sit there
  • You annoy me by this
  • Go and sit somewhere else until you can speak nicely
  • I felt hands helping me to sit up
  • I flung myself out of my seat
  • and began to hover slowly across the ceiling toward me
  • Striding down the hall in her nightgown and cap
  • But then came the day that Chiang vanished. He had been talking.
  • Lying in his grave
  • Gleeming angrily
  • He saw it was open
  • There for the night
  • Bro, we're missing you!
  • Guy, don't leave without me
  • Immediately afterwards she remarked
  • The first daughter wanted a brocade dress
Seriously, do the spammers really think these will make me want to look at the e-mail and click the random links? Someone must be doing it or they wouldn't keep spamming me with this stuff. Hopefully you find it as entertaining as I do though.

1 comment:

LizzyP said...

My favorite is the "striding down the hall in her nightgown and cap"--hilarious.