Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sleep! Who Needs It?

The answer to that question is me, that's who.

The DH and I have both taken sleep studies in the past few months. My sleep study revealed that I wake up a lot and have too much brain activity when I wake up, but it's not from sleep apnea. It's from worrying too much. The DH, on the other hand, found out that he has sleep apnea and is awoken some 35 times an hour when he stops breathing. I guess that could be a problem.

To counteract the wear and tear of stopping breathing 35 times an hour, the DH was prescribed a CPAP machine. The idea is that it blows air up your nose to keep the air passages open, so you can't stop breathing. The only problem with that is it's constantly blowing air up your nose, which for the uninitiated, can be very distracting and keep that person wide awake. Last night was night three with the CPAP machine and it's gotten progressively better each night. The first night was pretty bad with the machine getting loud and being terribly uncomfortable for the DH. The second night was a little better, but still uncomfortable.

I'll admit that I like to share the bed with the non-snoring version of the DH, but I also appreciate the non-hooked-up version of the DH. We've agreed that he will absolutely wear it for the first five nights, but then all bets are off. If he doesn't feel like the benefits of feeling great during the day outweigh the discomfort during the night, then he's done.

Mostly, I just want the DH happy and healthy. I know many, many people who swear by the joys of CPAP, but the DH needs to feel it himself. If not, then we'll return to the snoring and I'll keep loving the white noise machine.


boisegrammy said...

Has the DH talked to Colin about the CPAP? Maybe he has some hints to make it better. I know Jason couldn't tolerate it. Good luck on whatever the two of you decide.

Holly said...

What kind does he use? My mom had the kind that went over her nose and mouth and she HATED it! She then got the one just over her nose and it was much better for her.

PJMcD said...

Honey, tonight I promise that when the room is dark, I won't say "Luke, I'm your father"