Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two Things Money Can't Buy

I've had true love for some time now, but this week I also got home-grown tomatoes. YUMM-O! There's just nothing that compares to the flavor of the home-grown variety. I've had tomato sandwiches for dinner two nights in a row and it's just like a piece of heaven. Right now, I'm even contemplating a tomato sandwich for breakfast.

Last night I processed and froze about eight quarts of the tomatoes we got on the weekend. It was easier than you can imagine. I cut out the parts I didn't want to keep, then blanched each of the tomatoes (for about 15 seconds in boiling water), and then dipped them in cold water so they'd be easy to handle. After doing that, the skins just slipped right off in my hands. Then I cut the tomatoes into quarters, or eighths depending on how huge the tomato was and put them into freezer ziploc bags. Now we'll be able to enjoy the tomatoes in stews and sauces for at least a month or two. I'm looking forward to the rich flavor they'll give to my beef stew, the DH's salsa, and anything else we find to use them with.


Orange said...

I did a ton of tomatoes that way last year. Enjoy the harvest!

Dan said...

These heirloom varieties look fantastic!

PJMcD said...