Monday, April 07, 2008

Back Home

We're back home now and happy to be here. Even going to work was fine, since it meant getting back to the regular routine.

The rest of our Anchorage trip was still fun, but I don't need to go back to Anchorage pretty much ever. We were fortunate to see the amazing views when we flew in because they were gone by nightfall. We had grey skies and snow the rest of the weekend. I think they got a foot of snow there on Saturday and overnight until Sunday. Good times in April.

The second highlight of the trip (after the surprise for the DH's son's birthday) was playing Settler's of Catan. We bought it there and then the five of us played three games in a row. It was great! I highly recommend the game to anyone. It took some time to get the instructions straightened out, but we sort of played through one game and had it all figured out by the time we were done. We had the expansion kit so that 5-6 players could play--especially since there were 5 of us and none of us wanted to sit out and watch. That made the first game a little harder, but nothing insurmountable.

Actually, I might be convinced to go to Anchorage and/or Alaska again, but only in the summer. I'm just not that into snow, especially in April.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Settlers of Catan? That game is addicting and loads of fun!

Beep said...

Glad to hear you are back safe and sound.
I'm jealous you played games! My husband keeps promising me we'll play one of the many games we have...I'd even settle for cards! You'll have to introduce us to your new game sometime.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Alright, we need to have a Catan night! Your hubby could strong arm Jon into playing for me =)

I'm glad you are back.