Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturday -- Another Long Day

Saturday was long, but really pretty great. It started with our Stake Women's Conference. First of all, even after a short night, the DH got up and went over to the church with me to help take photos. He'd done tons of work on all the programs (and has the tired hands to prove it).

With the cruise theme, we wanted to have everyone get a lei and have their picture taken, just like any old cruise. We had the front entry way set up like the entrance to a ship, then sent people to the Releif Society room to have their pictures taken, then to the cultural hall that was set up to look like the prow of a ship to learn about the rest of the "cruise". The DH took pictures for about an hour, then left to take care of all the chores that have been ignored around the house while we've been traveling and getting ready for the women's conference. He sure has been a good sport!

The main part of the women's conference was a set of three mini-classes. We had 3 or 4 choices during each time slot and most of the women said they had a really hard time choosing which class since they all looked so good. We ended up with about the same amount of people in each of the classes, so we deemed that a success. (We were really afraid that one class would have 100 people and another would only have two or three.)

The last part of the conference was a big buffet lunch and a live band in the cultural hall. The food was fantastic and the band was a lot of fun. They played mostly oldies and really got everyone swaying to the music.

By the time the conference was over and we'd cleaned up the mess, it was 3:00 in the afternoon. The DH picked me up and we went and took a nap before leaving for the Mariner's game that evening.

The game was wonderful. We had great tickets (section 144, row 1) and sat by really fun and friendly people. The Mariner's won and the DH got some great pictures. The weather was amazing for April -- a high of 79 degrees -- so it was very comfortable in the stadium. We didn't have any balls come our way during the game, but that's probably for the best. We didn't have a mit anyway.


Carca said...

I stumbled onto your blog...and I am planning a conference in May...I am still figuring out the food...would you mind posting your menu? It sounds like a wonderful event. thanks

Lucy van Pelt said...

Hi Carca -- the menu was chicken fetuccini alfredo with broccoli, frog eye salad, an orange jello salad with whipped cream in it, chinese chicken salad, Parisien salad from Costco, meat and cheese trays, homemade rolls, and fruit skewers. We also had a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, pound cake, nilla wafers, and doughnut holes. The food really was great!

Becky said...

It sounds great. Wish I was there. As usual, you have outdone yourself.

Carca said...

Thank you sooooo much....I love the chocolate fountain idea!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You forgot to mention the most brilliant part about the food, having 4 different buffett stations with the same food set up so that you had 4 fast moving lines instead of one very slow and hungry line. Genius!

The conference was great and I came away with several answers to things that have been on my mind lately. Thank you, and your hubby, for all your hard work. It was a lovely day.