Monday, April 28, 2008


Saturday was a beautiful day here in the Northwest. The DH was enjoying the opening day of fishing season out on the peninsula and I had the day to myself. I slept in, got a pedicure, hung out wasting time, and then went to the nephew's T-ball game.

I thought it was a hoot watching T-ball. The nephew had it kind of sprung on him and didn't know any of the other kids there, so he wasn't as excited as I was about T-ball. I sure it will grow on him though. The bases are about 20 feet apart and an inning consists of everyone batting. There are no outs and they play three innings.

I laughed at the end of the game when one of the kids on the team asked who won. The coach said "We all did." I think that kid was still confused about the win/lose thing though. He's watched sports. He knows there's usually a score.

Speaking of scoring, the SIL and I at sushi and then shopped after the T-ball game and we both scored some cute stuff. I got new jeans, a couple of Ts and a new dress. The dress is supre cute and I wore it to church on Sunday. Then the DH came home. Good times!


An Ordinary Mom said...

The toes and dress yesterday were super cute!

Sam said...

Thanks for shopping! I had a good time. And that dress was so cute on you - even over jeans ;-). Thanks for posting the pic.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Sounds like you all won too. =)