Friday, April 18, 2008


I was shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED on Wednesday when I got a notice in the mail from the Washington State Department of Transportation. It was a notice telling me I was not getting a ticket, but that I had been reported as driving in the HOV lane alone. Seriously!

You may not know this about me, but I believe that people that poach the HOV lane should get very heavy fines and I love seeing the cops on SR-520 pulling over the poachers. I tell you, I LOVE seeing that, because I am so vehemently apposed to people driving in the carpool lane when they do not have a carpool.

I drove home in rush hour traffice on SR-520 for two-and-a-half years watching poachers speed past on a regular basis and just wished them all tickets. It's one of the traffic laws that I really wouldn't ever disobey (as apposed to any and all posted speed limits), so I'm still wracking my brain wondering how this could have happened.

Then the DH told me to get over it. It's not a ticket and I don't know when or where it happened, so I should get a life. But, oh, the injustice of it al!


An Ordinary Mom said...

I would have been beyond peeved as well! And since when do they send notices and not tickets in the mail?!?

jason said...

Aaah, I remember countless hours dialed into 760-HERO. Day after day I'd dial in as soon as I passed Bellevue Way and stay on the line reporting violators until I'd reached the toll plaza. Oh, and if somebody not in the HOV lane was being a jerk then I may have 'misidentified' them as being in the HOV lane.

PJMcD said...

I'm surprised anyone got you plate number as fast as you drive. It must've been right before you made the jump to HYPER-SPACE.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

It's the principle of the thing!

I don't mind getting tickets (or punished) for things I do wrong but I HATE it when I get blamed for something I didn't do.

*laughing at your loving husband's comment*