Saturday, November 07, 2009

FFT Friday -- In Memoriam

I know -- a day late -- AGAIN!

I was so shocked by what happened at Fort Hood this week. It breaks my heart to think of it. I'm so grateful for all those brave folks who are serving in the military and my prayers are with the victims of the violence there. In my blog reading, I found this beautiful tribute to military personnel. I also pray that there are no repercussions in the Muslim community in and around Kileen, TX. Although the shooter was part of the Muslim faith, his community would not support nor condone such behavior. I'm also thinking about my good friends, the Cornwall's. Nathan is stationed at Fort Hood, and although he was not part of the situation there, it still happened near their home and in a place they thought was safe.

In a perfect world we would have no war and no need for a military. We don't live in that world, so I am very grateful to our military. What are your thoughts about the events of the week?

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