Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's November and I'm Feeling Crafty

Last weekend, I really got into the crafty mood. I'm thinking about all the great things I can make for people for Christmas. Honestly, I probably won't do even half of what I've thought up in my crazy brain, but it's still fun to think of all the possibilities.

The crafty mood was sparked by a church activity that included a few cute crafts. I did two things. The first was a wood block with vinyl lettering on it. It was super easy, but took forever because it needed two coats of paint and three coats of clear lacquer before putting the letters on it. I like how it turned out.
The second craft was doing etching on a glass pan. When I said I wanted to do this one, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had to use a stencil to write the words backwards on contact paper, then use an Exacto knife to cut out all the letters, then put the contact paper on the pan, put etching cream on it, wait the allotted time, and wash off the etching cream. That stenciling backwards is harder than it may sound. Or maybe it sounds really hard and that's exactly what it was. And time consuming. But it turned out just fine.And then, finally, I just had to go out and find flannel for a blanket for Patrick's niece who is pregnant with her first baby, a little boy. I'm planning to do a patchwork quilt with the rag seams on one side. This is the combo of fabric that I bought. It was so hard to find five fabrics that coordinated for a boy. There are hundreds of choices got girls, but really not so much for boys. I think I did OK. The baby is due on Christmas, so I need to get cracking on this one.


PJMcD said...

My wife can make ANYTHING. She Rulez, alot.

Dan said...

I want to etch glass pans. Or I can use my anal retentive label maker for all of that. Yes, Holly feeds my OCD tendencies with my label maker so I can label everything in our house...