Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday's Food for Thought

Do you consider yourself courageous? I don't. I seldom feel courageous and I too often feel fear. The fear is not always founded in realistic concerns either. The fear of heights, that has become more intense and even weird to me (seriously, where did it come from?!?) is based in no real event or situation that I can recall. It's just worse all the time.

I felt a little courageous when I took the job I'm in now, but it was a pretty comfortable at the same time. I was going back to something I knew well and I also felt that my previous job had done a lot to prepare me for it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to face my fear. I'm going to sing karaoke. Pray for me.

When do you feel courageous? Or do you?


boisegrammy said...

The thing is - you sing way better than the karaoke machines are designed for.

jason said...

I think you'll do well at Karaoke. Stick with something familiar. You've got the talent and you're no stranger to singing in front of an audience.