Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Peninsula Trip

This weekend, Patrick and I had a lot of things going on Saturday. It was SO busy, but we didn’t have any plans for the rest of the weekend. Before going to bed on Saturday night, we decided we’d take a drive and see what we could see. You can see what we saw on Flickr if you'd like.
We went to early sacrament meeting on Sunday morning and then left the house and headed west. We drove up to Edmonds (about 10 miles north of here) and hopped on the ferry to Kingston. We then drove over the Hood Canal bridge and through Port Gamble and over to Sequim and Port Angeles. It was raining when we left Seattle and kept up until we got to Sequim (that’s pronounced “skwim” if you’re interested).
In Port Angeles, we booked a hotel room and then headed for the end of the U.S. We drove out highway 101 and then turned up 112 heading through Joyce to Neah Bay. The drive was spectacular and we especially enjoyed the group of bald eagles at Neah Bay. They were right there between the highway and the water, just about 20 feet. Some were flying around and others were perched by the water. Neah Bay is in the Makaw Indian reservation. It’s fairly depressed, but still in a lovely setting.

After driving through town, we turned off the main road to a gravel road and drove out toward Cape Flattery. The road got us within half a mile of the northwest most point in the lower 48. We loved the hike and chatted with some delightful people along the way. We saw the lighthouse out at Katoosh Island and then hiked back to the car.

The drive back to Port Angeles included a really nice sunset and some pretty funny sightings. We especially enjoyed the street sign for Bythe Way and Whata Way, the marker for Itsa Creek, and of course McDonald Creek.

On Monday morning, we had a nice breakfast at Café Garden, reputedly the best restaurant in Port Angeles, and were on our way back home, sort of. We went back toward Joyce to Angel Crest Gardens to get a hanging basket. We saw them on Sunday and just had to go back. There was a huge variety of wonderful plantings. We found one we both really liked and then headed back in the direction of home.
We took a slight detour to a Lavender farm where the DH bought some smelly soap. I like lavender, but it was all a bit strong for me. Patrick enjoys the smelly stuff much more than I do. After the detour, we drove to Kingston and took our ferry ride back to our side of the water and got home shortly after 5:00. The day in Seattle was beautiful, so we grilled up some steaks on the BBQ (courtesy of the Duke – thanks again!) and called it a day.


LizzyP said...

Dan loves Neah Bay! We hear there are some reasonably-priced bungalows to rent out there. Your weekend sounds positively perfect.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Sounds lovely. DSSH and I need to get up there one of these days for a look around.

An Ordinary Mom said...

What a perfect weekend excursion. We definitely need to make our way that direction before DH is done with school next summer.